Jason Maune

Co-founder, Point of Departure

Jason’s turned his love of sculpture and fine art into a passion for architecture and furniture design. Whether designing a restaurant or a dining table, his work is meticulous, detail-oriented, thoughtfully crafted and respectful of both form and materials. On a personal level, his calm temperament is an enormous asset in an often stressful industry. A Graduate of the University of Missouri Columbia Department of Environmental Design, Jason’s award-winning work, more than 15 years experience, and love of people is at the heart of Point of Departure’s success. If not at work, you’re likely to find Jason in the kitchen, whipping up his latest culinary masterpiece.

Dan Smith

Co-founder, Point of Departure

With more than 15 years in the business and projects that range from single-story residences to 50-story high-rises, Dan draws from his experience and creativity to envision innovate new approaches to PoD projects. His dedication and fundamental belief in the power of design, a phenomenal user experience, and the beautification of the environment are the standards to which every PoD project is held. A graduate of Penn State, you’ll never find Dan far from his sketchbook, where his project ideas, drawings, paintings and notes take fleeting residence.