mosaic wine bar

North Park, CA

Revitalizing the only industrial warehouse remaining in an emerging North Park arts district was a happy challenge. Mosaic was designed to be an upscale wine bar with a casual, eclectic North Park vibe.  We celebrate the origins of wine - water, sun, soil – in our materials. Naturally curved, flowing forms create intimate conversation spaces and interesting seating areas. Stone is represented in the concrete walls, exposed aggregate flooring, and decorative finishes and hand-hewn details.  Upon arriving, visitors pass through a towering glass entry and continue up a processional ramp, elevating them above the hustle and bustle of the busy street outside. The ramp meets with a curving stone outcropping that delivers guests to an expansive, granite bar where they are greeted by the friendly staff.  By taking the most basic building materials and using them provocatively, thoughtfully, we feel we’ve created an architectural mosaic of our own - and enhanced the experience of dining in a casual, eclectic environment and celebrating the world's most distinctive wines.

design + construction

We were challenged with this space. The  warehouse had aront loaded parking area that was covered from the street.  The loading dock became the feature and the main entrance to the space.