eclipse dessert bar

South Park, CA

The Eclipse Chocolate bar and grill is half Willy Wonka and half upscale restaurant, with a focus on chocolate infused and inspired dishes.  The back half of the project is a chocolate factory that makes, stores, and distributes their products to boutiques, stores, and restaurants all over the southwest region.  The front half of the project is a restaurant built around the materials, colors, and history of the existing brand.  We used the iconic visual elements and replicated them, including an inlay in the bar.  We used a quilted front bar, blue mirrored glass, and a simple retail area to help merge the old fixtures with the new.  The retail area has a window into the cold kitchen to see where the chocolate is made and the main restaurant features a large informational display on the history and production of chocolate.  The bold blue colors, mixture of light and dark woods, and the subtle references to the main product bring together this cozy and inviting space.


design + construction 

This project was designed as one half of an existing concrete block building.  The original building was a meat packing and distribution center, and more recently a small market.  In order to brand the exterior as new and modern, we simply painted the existing tile and incorporated a blade sign and a new canvas entry.