La Playa Bistro

Sedimentary Bar

In keeping with the overall concept of the restaurant, we continued to make installation pieces that evoked the proximity to the ocean and the historical connection to that part of Point Loma, named 'la playa.'  We used the techniques of building a sedimentary wall in order to build the bar face.  We mixed the concrete with white pebbles and added layers of seashells, glass, starfish, sand dollars, and layers of sand directly connecting this place to its surroundings.

Wave Ceiling

In the original design we used an off-the-shelf slat ceiling system, but during the process we were given the opportunity to make a custom ceiling for less.  We created a repeating pattern representing waves crashing on a beach.  We stained and sealed the panels and used acoustical insulation behind the black scrim. 

Wine Rack 

We have built a few wine racks, but this one was a little more challenging.  We wanted something warm (we used a back-lit material resembling Onyx to provide a more natural glow) and something that built on the patterns already established in the restaurant.  We built a few prototypes for the actual bottle holders until we found a solution that celebrated the wine, but didn't make that the entire focus.  We framed the corner element in wood, similar to the way we treated the rest of the space.

Waiting Bench

We used solid Mahogany and sedimentary concrete bases to create a unique piece of furniture.

Hostess Stand

We waterjet the logo from 1/4" plate steel and used a Japanese brown patina from Sculpt Nouveau. We built a cabinet behind the stand for the menus, a computer, the phone, and extra storage space.