Cafe 21

Gaslamp District, San Diego, CA

The owners allowed us to execute our design intent within their budget by building the majority of the project ourselves. We constructed the tables, bar-face, bar, ceiling panels, low walls, wood shelves, light boxes, display cases and more.  We developed patterns based on Azerbaijani rugs and used that to create the ceiling panels, bar panels, and the metal screens used throughout the project.  If you look closely, you can see the connection in the details and the contractsing materials we used.  If you take all of your time looking around, you are missing out on some great food.

PoD - table

North Park, CA

This was our first real welding project, and like all things new, it seems best to do some research and ask someone for some guidance.  We were lucky Mike Merrill had a shop and part of an afternoon to help some former coworkers learn on the fly.  We welded the rails, poured a board-form concrete base using old timbers, and created a wood top from leftover cabinet wood.

Chairs for Charity

San Diego, CA

The owners of HOLDiT furniture in Mission Valley asked us to contribute to their annual furniture re-design competition to benefit Make-A-Wish foundation.  We selected a piece of existing furniture from the floor models and created a chair using the Make-A-Wish logo waterjet into a powder-coated metal panel. 


San Diego, CA

We were part of a design collective with Paul Basile, Jeanette Boucher, and others where we undertook a few small projects and tried to build a one-stop shop for design.  This bench was built for a program San Diego had where they were later auctioned off for charity.  The other images you will see are from a Design Expo in the San Diego convention center where we tried to launch the brand for furniture and design.


Banker's Hill, CA

While working for RJC Architects, we were approached to design some office furniture to work with the existing circular desks in the new office space.  Basile Studio had constructed the original furniture and was hired again to build this simple, complimentary collection.