Los Angeles Valley College

Multi-Purpose Community Services Center

Los Angeles, CA

This is a unique project that combines the full facilities of an athletic center: including 2 gyms, a climbing wall, and a fitness center; with the offices, classrooms, multi-purpose rooms of an educational building in addition to an outdoor dining patio and support facilities.  On this project we were a design consultant for RJC Architects for the RFP competition.  In the master plan, this building anchors the new wing of the campus and completes the gateway to the athletic fields.  The design uses a simple and unique architecture that allows the scale of the building to recognize the rear and front entries equally without being overwhelming.  This building doesn’t turn it’s back on the existing campus and creates an iconic form heralding the new direction for the college.

design process

We used a combination of 3-d modeling and sketching to work through several solutions in a very short time-frame.  We organized the program by dividing the active and passive spaces in order to create the simple geometry of the design.