leaf & kettle

San Diego, CA


We had the opportunity to take a local tea shop in South Park and helo them launch the flagship store for their new franchised tea shop, Leaf & Kettle.  The tone created by the brand; warm, authentic, accessible, and respectful was clearly depicted in our design and material selections.  We worked hand-in-hand with the owners to create a store that was an extension of their brand.  We used a variety of woods, bright colors, and  even a custom light fixture to bring together the look and feel we wanted to accentuate in the brand; upscale, fresh, timelessly modern with nod to history.


design + construction

We were challenged to come up with a design that had the cozy, warm atmosphere of the current rustic aesthetic while still looking towards the future. We found that the juxtaposition of the raw materials with an eastern design influence created the type of aesthetic that both looks to the future but maintains a connection to the rich history of the product.