New York Giant Pizza

San Diego, CA

How do you take a dated Mediterranean restaurant 60 feet long and 13 feet deep and turn it into to a pizza shop both a New York native and a San Diego surfer would love? Answer: With smart design. Using the New York subway system as our point of departure, we broke up the space into clearly designed functions: Order, Pick-up, Dine, & Cook. Ultra-urban steel and glass are softened for a sunnier San Diego crowd with warm wood and hand-tiled details. Outside and in are tied together with a trellis that provides shade and evokes a subway platform via the slivers of light that make their way through the angled wood slats. Linear graphics, stylized tabletops, menus, and signage evoke the subway metaphor, while the relocation of the greeting counter, dining, and queuing areas provide protocol guidance to patrons.

design + construction

This was our first project as point of departure. We built the artwork, tabletops, helped to design the mural and worked closely with the contractor to assure every detail was just right. We found vendors for various items and tied together the materials with a modern aesthetic.