North Park Brewery

North Park, CA

This project originated with the idea of a traditional beer garden and minimal enclosed space.  The brewery became the main focus and we proceeded to try to merge the neighborhood's architectural style with the practical and traditional industrial qualities this type of use deserves.  The materials are raw and exposed, and the workings of the brewery are the main focus.  An entertainment space above with a catwalk and the open restaurant and brewery below. The 2-story space opens to the front facade with large operable glass doors.  The exterior patio receives the busy street and maintains the link to the original intention of the project.

design process

We were inspired to create a simple, industrial, modern building that responded to the elements.  The original idea was to make the minimal amount f enclosed space in an elegant but necessary way in order to create an indoor/outdoor beer garden.

  • Architecture: PoD
  • Renderings: sjc3d