North Park Onsen

 San Diego, CA

Bathroom addition and laundry room renovation in a 1920’s craftsman home.  By re-imagining the existing laundry room, we were able to create a laundry room, pantry, and second bathroom in the original space. 

Throughout the design process we focused on a style we called ‘modern craftsman’, which blends the traditional materials and artistic expressions of the craftsman era and combines them with the modern aesthetics of simplicity, the use of recycled materials, and creation of multi-functional space.  In creating this sanctuary for the client, we managed to maintain the cozy warmth of a craftsman home and dramatically increase the amount of functional space.

design + construction

This project used materials to emphasize the modern lines of the home and expand the living space in a way that the addition is seamless. 

  • Photography: PoD
  • Fabrication: PoD