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21 locations in California & Arizona

We were apporaoched by Oggi’s to rebrand and redesign their existing restaurant format.  We completely reinvented the layout and materials in order to create a more sophisticated and livley atmosphere.  We used some classic materials, brick and wood, but kept the lines of the space very modern.  We used black and white graphics and signage as a nod to the past.  We feel that we have created a space that is both sports oriented and family friendly.


design process

We decided to concentrate on the elements of the beer, which is produced by the company, the pizza, which is the heart and soul of the menu, and the sports bar theme. We did this by creating design elements inside the restaurant that would appeal to each aspect of the brand. By streamlining the design to use these elements, in addition to a more modern aesthetic, we were able to make a distinct shift in the atmosphere of the restaurant and create a prototype that can be adapted to several locations.