rock-n-roll sushi

Carlsbad, CA ‎

This project takes the existing brand of rock-n-roll sushi and elevates it with the restaurant's third location.  We broke up the space with three separate seating areas and used inexpensive ceiling and wall treatments to control the lighting and atmosphere of the space.  Custom-built low seating gave the small space a larger presence and expressed the simplicity and presentation of the dining experience.


design + construction

In this project we had a challenge of a small, two-sided retail space. We decided to break up the space into two separate dining areas with one area being able to covert to a more lively atmosphere for late-night entertainment. The furniture we had built gave the opportunity to combine several seats to open the space for large criwds and events.  the ceiling elements allow the lighting levels to change with the atmosphere.

  • Interior Design: PoD
  • Photography: PoD