Sketching seems like a lost tool.  We say 'tool' rather than 'art' mainly because the beauty and complexity of a work that would be considered artistic isn't what exists here.  This is a collection of thoughts, ideas, project notes, and diagrams about solving the challenges of building. We feel the ability to communicate these ideas effectively into something built is the driving force behind everything we do. 



Our design process is very visual.  Each project has some form of modeling that we use to test our ideas and for our clients to get a chance to see the end result before construction begins. We use sketching in meetings and at the site to work through ideas and solve problems.  The end result is a more cohesive project. 


Almost every Architect has some designs they work on in other media besides just buildings.  At Point of Departure, we experiment with construction, fabrication, furniture, art, and graphic design on a regular basis. We believe that the overall aesthetic of each project should be consistent; from the logo, to the building, to the furniture, and the landscaping.  That is why we collaborate with other professionals and why we approach each project as a chance to learn more about the process of design.  These are some sketches of furniture, both built and un-built, that we have worked on over the years. 



Our philosophy is that the process of design can be applied universally to several different disciplines.  If you can design a chair, you can probably design a logo, a toothbrush, or a car.  In our practice, we take every opportunity to apply this idea by 'branding' each of our projects in order to make them unique, and to make the design consistent and recognizable.  We have designed logos, business cards, menus, signage, and have even named a few projects in order to create a brand where one didn't exist before.  These are some sketches showing our process in graphic design.


Not every sketch has to be used for a project. You can learn a lot about your thought process and the way you see just by drawing.  These are just a few from our sketchbooks.