PoD - studio

In setting out to create our own multi-use, live/work space, we were determined to demonstrate our company values by using reclaimed and recycled materials to create a modern, elegantly designed studio, by utilizing or recycling as much of the teardown as possible, and by delivering a multi-functional 24/7 space that would be both an aesthetic and functional asset to our North Park community.

It wasn't easy. But a couple of years of hard labor and careful thought has resulted in a space we're proud to call home. (And office. And neighborhood gallery. And workshop...) Here is a little of the thinking behind the space:

  • Green design is about so much more than LEED points and recycled carpet. We started green from the concept: Orientation, climate, 24-hour usage - and the building's relationship within the community.
  • We believe in enticing people back into the urban fabric, increasing density, and leaving green space green. We feel it's important for us to live by our beliefs - not just impose those beliefs on our clients.
  • Our approach: Consider the building in terms of a full 24-hour day - not broken into eight-hour segments. We took advantage of the existing property, and rethought its optimal functionality from dawn to dark. Sleeping. Working. Living. Entertaining.
  • This building was designed as a San Diego native. It shouldn't look or work like a building in Milwaukee. Our climate and environment are unique, and afford rare opportunity for indoor/outdoor life; embrace it. Don't build bigger, build smarter: Create comfortable outdoor living spaces. It's not only better for the environment, it's better for your property taxes.
  • We kept it simple. Really simple. We hashed out the concept for our studio on a napkin, over a couple of beers. Our napkin reads: "Take advantage of natural light and ventilation on north side; create a utility wall as a buffer between public and private space." At the bottom of the napkin, a little scratchier, but still legible, it says, "Place the nocturnal spaces on the south side in the shadow of the neighboring building." Which only goes to show, simpler is often best.


San Diego Home & Garden - Green Home of the Year, 2009

Point of Departure is thrilled to have been honored by San Diego Home and Garden Magazine with the award for green design for our Point of Departure.