750 Fifth Ave
San Diego, CA

Zymology (def.): a culinary study in the science of fermenatation

In the former Café 21 space on 5th avenue in the Gaslamp District, PoD was given the opportunity to redesign the same space with a completely different concept.  Chef Leyla wanted to create a unique space that evoked the core concept of fermented food and drinks, a laboratory for her food experiments, in smaller dishes that would give the guest a unique culinary experience. Based on the inspiration from the science of fermentation, PoD set out to create a laboratory environment documenting the scientific discoveries of the early 1900's.  The white-washed brick, copper lab tables, rustic stools, wood panels featuring the devices of the era, and portraits dedicated to the leading minds of the time, all tie together to create this unique space. 


design + construction

Science took the lead role in this design.  We worked with the formula of fermentation and the laboratory inspiration to create the graphics and interior design. The custom copper lab tables, light fixtures, and banquet feature the hexagonal geometry one sees in the written out in the formulas on the wall.  The shapes reappear in the space with other, more obscure, scientific references.  See if you can recognize each famous scientist from your old high school textbook.